True Cyber Attack Prevention

Secure Key Industries

Recent cyberattacks against companies such as Colonial Pipeline1 and JBS2 highlight the vulnerability of connected cyber-physical systems (CPS). CPS presents an opportunity to enhance security and safety measures across information technology (IT), operational technology (OT), and Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives. However, many CPS deployments occur outside of IT departments, which creates challenges for traditional security and risk management (SRM) leaders. The complexity of digital business transformation has further complicated the challenge. IT-centric security leaders face unique technical challenges when it comes to securing CPS. Invisinet, developed with Zero Trust principles, can considerably reduce their attack surface and enable fast and secure access anytime and anywhere.

  • Manufacturing

  • Critical Infrastructure

  • Government Defense

  • Healthcare

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Secure Modern Manufacturing

The integration of manufacturing and technology presents opportunities for growth, but also increases exposure to cyber threats through interconnected OT and IT systems.

Unveiling the Challenge

Gone are the days when manufacturing systems were isolated. Walls that once protected critical infrastructure are now crumbling as devices share data across enterprise applications. This has created a more exposed attack surface, inviting malicious actors to wreak havoc. The stakes are high - from physical damages to facility downtime and compromised customer data and intellectual property theft. The fallout could be catastrophic, impacting business continuity and even human lives.

Empowering Your Defense

Invisinet enables fine micro-segmentation solutions for IoT and industrial systems. We understand that embracing digital evolution shouldn't mean surrendering to cybersecurity and privacy risks.

Our answer? A paradigm shift towards zero trust security. Within the virtual air gaps created by InvisiGate, trust is a privilege earned, not a default. Every connection needs verification so that only the authorized can access your protected networks. Our solution thrives on preemptive trust-building before devices connect, forging an impenetrable shield.

The Invisinet Advantage

Uncompromising Security: Say goodbye to blind trust. All network connections are authenticated and authorized through token-based identities, impervious to exploitation or spoofing.

Holistic Protection: Embrace a singular network architecture that blankets IT, industrial, virtual, and cloud environments. Deploy uniform cybersecurity and privacy protocols across your networks.

Your Digital Sentry: Invisinet doesn't just safeguard data; it guards your business's integrity and human lives.

Unlock the Future Safely

You no longer need to tread the tightrope between innovation and vulnerability. Invisinet empowers manufacturers to seize digital opportunities without compromise. Aligned with the Purdue Model, we reimagined network segmentation with zero trust principles. Evolution doesn't have to endanger – we can help fortify.

Elevate Your Defense with Invisinet

Discover the future of secure manufacturing and shield what matters most. 

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Powering Security in Every Drop and Watt

In the world of utilities, from managing energy to preserving water and revolutionizing wastewater treatment, unyielding security is paramount. Invisinet provides simple and effective zero-trust security technology for utilities.

Elevating Utility Security

From urban water authorities to energy cooperatives, utilities are vital for modern life. These sectors, leading in innovation, also face cybersecurity threats. With remote access becoming the norm, a transformative response is necessary to address vulnerabilities.

Zero Trust: Your Utility's Shield

Invisinet's zero-trust philosophy aligns with the utility sector's needs. Every remote entry point is shielded with identity verification protecting vital sites and equipment from the ever-evolving threat landscape. 

Guarding Legacies, Embracing the Future

Legacy infrastructure systems have often been the Achilles' heel of utility security. But that narrative is changing. Invisinet understands the urgency – the headlines of breaches serve as a testament to what's at stake. Our technology pioneers a new era where security isn't a trade-off, but an essential component of business continuity.

A Secure Haven for Humanity

Behind the scenes, utilities hum with life-sustaining tasks. Energy powers cities, water quenches thirst, and wastewater treatment safeguard our environment. Invisinet's impenetrable shield ensures these vital services aren't disrupted by malicious forces. We're not just protecting data; we're safeguarding the backbone of society.

Embrace the Power of Zero Trust

Invisinet offers not just protection, but empowerment – enabling utilities to thrive in a connected world without sacrificing safety.  Your utility's resilience starts here.




A Fortified Future for Federal & DOD Networks

In the realm of ever-evolving federal and defense agencies, where Cloud, Hybrid systems, BYOD, and IoT/OT technologies converge, security becomes paramount. The conventional approaches of the past have fallen short, allowing adversaries to exploit vulnerabilities and compromise the entire network. Invisinet, the cornerstone of zero-trust security, is here to rewrite the script.

Cloak of Invisibility for Your Network

Imagine a cloak of invisibility that shields your network's integrity. Invisinet offers simple, certain, and effective defense. Adapting to dynamic mission demands and ensuring continuity of operations, Invisinet can safeguard every vital aspect of your mission.

Safeguarding in an IP-Driven Era

In a world where IP addresses reign as the foundation of network and security policies, managing complexity is a colossal task. The influx of demanding applications intensifies traffic prioritization, while the proliferation of devices accessing cloud resources presents a challenge. And within the complex DOD battlespace, with multi-domain, coalition environments, the need for secure networking becomes even more critical.

The Invisinet Advantage

Invisinet is the key to harmonizing the complexities. It doesn't just hide systems from detection; assigns robust identities to IP-networked devices, and obliterates the reliance on insecure IP addresses. Invisinet integrates seamlessly into existing networks, enhancing security without disruption.

Zero-Trust, Zero-Compromise

The Zero-Trust Architecture (ZTA) of Invisinet aligns with the intricate needs of Federal and DOD agencies. Dynamic provisioning and revocation of trust ensure operational resilience without physical disruptions. 

Empower Your Network with Invisinet

Embrace the future with a cloak of invincibility. Your journey toward resilient network security begins here.


Boosting Healthcare Security

Healthcare providers often need to resolve how to secure their sprawling network from external threats and malware. Keeping caregivers, doctors, equipment, and contractors safe can be tricky. That's when Invisinet can help them defend, changing the game by making network security easy, simple and effective.

Uplifting Critical Systems, One Step at a Time

Invisinet can be deployed to start protecting third-party managed lab equipment and staff across hospitals and clinics. A strong shield to secure equipment and clinics, across regions and countries. 

Making Network Management a Breeze with Invisinet

 Imagine creating secret virtual networks where things were visible only where they needed to be. No extra effort, no disruption. Just a new way of securing networks that is easy to manage.

From Third-Party Entry to Clinics in Remote Areas

Invisinet can easily secure connections to third-party labs and vendors. Even faraway clinics with limited internet access can get a cybersecurity boost and enable healthcare workers to securely access the required information.

Security That Goes Beyond Boundaries

Think of Invisinet as a superhero cloak for wireless medical carts. These carts could connect securely, and nobody else could see them. Like secret agents moving safely in a crowd.

Going from Cyber Trouble to Network Confidence

Healthcare providers with hospitals and clinics in different states needed a solution to make everything safer. Unlike traditional tools, Invisinet can make things simple and secure, and lowering risks. With Invisinet, the network became organized, easy to manage, and safer. 

Elevate Your Healthcare Network with Invisinet

Turn your network from vulnerable to strong, from confusing to clear – Invisinet is here to redefine healthcare network security. Join the group of healthcare providers who trust Invisinet to make their networks safe and powerful. Your network’s journey starts right here.


1. What is the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack about?

The attack took place on May 7, 2021, and led to the shutdown of the Colonial pipeline, which supplies fuel to the eastern United States. The hackers behind the attack demanded a ransom payment, which Colonial Pipeline eventually paid. The incident has raised questions about the vulnerability of critical infrastructure in the United States to cyberattacks.

2. What is the ransomware attack on JBS about?

JBS, the world's largest meat processor, was hit by a ransomware attack on May 30, 2021, that disrupted its operations in North America and Australia. The attack forced the company to shut down many of its plants, which caused a temporary shortage of meat and drove up prices.

The attackers used a type of ransomware called REvil, which encrypts a victim's files and demands a ransom payment in exchange for the decryption key. JBS eventually paid an $11 million ransom to the attackers, but the company has not disclosed how the attackers were able to gain access to its systems.