Secure Critical Infrastructure from Edge to Cloud

Prioritize true cyber-attack prevention

Secure your existing OT, IT, and cloud operations by eliminating unauthorized access to your IT and OT resources

  • Cloak network assets from unauthorized traffic
  • Enforce identity-based access to critical applications, devices, and infrastructure
  • Deploy granular, dynamic, identity-based micro-segmentation without network changes

What our customers and partners say

“Invisinet offers true attack prevention, something we have never had in my twenty years of cyber security experience.”

“Invisinet probably won't be the first level of security you add, but it will be the last you need.”

“Invisinet allows us to securely operate our retail store operations including our OT and IT systems"


Invisinet: Zero Trust Cyber Security

In the dynamic world of cyber threats, traditional defense tools often fall short, becoming cumbersome and resource-intensive as your network's attack surface expands.  Invisinet offers a fresh approach, built on the principles of Zero Trust.

  • Simple: Intercepts and blocks unauthorized traffic at the TCP/IP packet level.

  • Beyond Zero Trust: Enforces identity-based controls at the network layer.

  • Effective: Micro-segments your network to isolate, conceal, and safeguard your most critical assets. 

    Attackers cannot attack what they cannot see. Stay invisible to attackers!

What we enable you to do

Enforce Identity based Access

Transparent, secure network access to authorized users, devices, and applications

Microsegment with Identity

Identity-based granular security zones on shared networks without changing physical and logical networks

Hide Critical Assets

Block unauthorized users and traffic at the TCP layer thus preventing malicious activities before they can begin


Dynamic Network Segmentation

Learn how to use identity-based network segmentation to stop insider threats and meet compliance.


Get our whitepaper on how you can extend identity beyond VPN



Need clarification?

Can Invisinet replace VPN?

Invisinet is a perfect complement and completely compatible with VPNs. By themselves, VPNs allow access into a corporate network but don't carry identity "to and through" the network to protected resources.  Invisinet carries identity "to and through" the network and provides visibility only to the resources that the user is authorized to access.

How is Invisinet different then other ZTNA technologies?

Invisinet is implemented at the TCP/UDP layer, stops malicious actors at the earliest point, and is a lighter implementation. It carries user identity past access to the network to specific network resources based on user identity and permissions.

How can I try Invisinet?

Please reach out to us using the Get A Demo request form - we will follow up right away to understand your needs and get you started.

Can I secure cloud assets with Invisinet?

Yes, Invisinet can secure cloud assets. It uses Transport Access Control (TAC) to authenticate user or device identity and apply security policies before establishing application sessions, preventing unauthorized access to your cloud resources.

Can I secure IIoT, Operational Technology (OT) devices with Invisinet?

Yes, Invisinet can secure IIoT and OT devices. It uses First Packet Authentication to authenticate the identity of devices at the very first packet of a TCP network session request, effectively blocking unauthorized or unidentified traffic on your network.

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